Who supports CT Forward?CT Forward is made up of an engaged group of Connecticut residents who want to see every child have access to a great public school, regardless of their zip code, race, or income. CT Forward operates as a membership-based, online platform designed to help members learn about efforts to improve public schools in Connecticut’s highest-need communities, including public charter schools. Through these efforts, CT Forward will build partnerships, improve public awareness of education issues, and promote improvements in education policy.

What candidates will CT Forward support?This is not about partisan politics. As we saw in 2012 during the Education Reform Debate, it takes a bipartisan approach to achieve real results. Our pledge is to support candidates that support great public schools for every child, regardless of political party.

What do I get as a member? CT Forward will share information on pending and proposed legislation, policy developments, and the positions taken by elected officials and candidates on issues related to improving public schools - including public charter schools. Members will have an opportunity to contribute directly to candidates via the CT Forward platform. Members will also be invited to exclusive events to meet local electeds and candidates.

How can I join? Contact us here and an organizer will follow up with your request.